Participation in meetings at EU level:
  • DG Agriculture Advisory Groups: FRUCOM is recognised by DG Agriculture as a representative organisation for the import trade and, as such, has access to expert seats at three of the Advisory Groups of DG Agriculture:  
    • Fruit & Vegetables,
    • Organic Farming
    • Honey
    These Advisory Groups gather representatives of the agricultural sector (producers, industry, trade, consumers) and meet regularly throughout the year. The FRUCOM secretariat attends these meetings together with the FRUCOM experts and reports on matters discussed during these meetings. 
  • DG SANCO Consultative meetings: FRUCOM is regularly invited to attend consultative meetings organised by DG SANCO in the framework of the Advisory Group on the Food Chain, Animal and Plant Health.
  • DG Trade - Dialogue with Civil Society:
    The FRUCOM Secretariat regularly attends meetings organised by DG Trade in the framework of the so-called Dialogue with Civil Society. These meetings cover a wide range of issues linked to trade, agriculture and WTO and ensure a regular dialogue between DG Trade officials and stakeholders from the private sector. 
Organisation of meetings for FRUCOM experts & representatives:
  • FRUCOM Joint Working Group Processed Fruit & Vegetables / Processed Fishery Products:
    Since 2006, the FRUCOM Working Groups on Processed Fruit & Vegetable and Processed Fishery Products, chaired respectively by Thomas Schwieger (Waren Verein) and Walter Anzer (BFIDA), have jointly met in Brussels every six months for one-day meetings. Commission officials from DG Agriculture, DG TRADE, DG MARE, DG SANCO and DG TAXUD have been regularly invited to participate in the meetings to give up-to-date informa tion on the latest developments related to specific dossiers of interest to the FRUCOM Working Groups members.
  • FRUCOM General Assembly:
    The FRUCOM General Assembly is held once a year in Brussels and is open to both full and affiiliated members.  European Commission officials are usually invited to provide FRUCOM members with an overview of the main issues at stake in the field of food safety as well as an update on recent developments.  This gives an opportunity for a very valuable and open exchange of views between FRUCOM members and EU policymakers. 

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