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  • 19 MARCH 2018

    On 14th March 2018, FRUCOM held its first training on EU Policy Making. During the program participants had the opportunity to grow their network in Brussels and discuss about the rules of the EU decision-making process with professionals holding a prominent position in EU affairs in agrifood trade or industry.

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  • 19 MARCH 2018
    DG MARE updates on IUU fishing

    This update was presented by DG MARE at the recent meeting of Long Distance Fleet Advisory Council which FRUCOM attanded. It concerns among others Thailand, Vietnam, Mauritius, Maldives, Malaysia, Ghana, the Philippines etc. The report is available in members' area.

    At the end of the presentation, members from the fleet, trade unions and NGOs concentrated on the issues with labour law and environment regarding imports from Asian countries. Some participants urged the Commission to use the IUU framework to fight these abuses, and called for a level-playing field with the EU production.

    Please also see the draft report by the Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament to which references were made:

    DRAFT REPORT on the implementation of control measures for establishing the conformity of fisheries products with access criteria to the EU market

  • 13 FEBRUARY 2018
    FRUCOM General Assembly on 10-11 April 2018

    Full members of FRUCOM are invited to the joint FRUCOM Board and General Assembly meetings on Tuesday 10 April. All members will convene in the evening for the Annual FRUCOM Dinner.

    An Open Discussion for all members and stakeholders will be organised on Wednesday 11 April. Click below to see the preliminary programme.

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  • 21 MARCH 2017
    Successful FRUCOM General Assembly 2017

    On 9th March, FRUCOM held its 2017 General Assembly in Brussels. It was a well-attended event with more than 50 members and guests present during the open session. FRUCOM organized a discussion on the European Union trade policy, with speakers Mr. Joachim Schuster, member of the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament and Mr. John Clarke, who has been chief EU negotiator for agrifood commodities for several trade agreements.

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  • 22 MARCH 2018
    Brexit: European Parliament proposes an Association Agreement between the EU and the UK

    On 14 March 2018, the European Parliament adopted a resolution in regard to the future EU-UK relation after the transition period. The resolution of the European Parliament is not binding, but it is important as the European Parliament would have to ratify the Withdrawal Agreement of the UK from the EU and any future agreement between the EU and the UK.

    In the resolution, the European Parliament proposes that the EU and the UK establish an Association Agreement for their future relation. This Association Agreement would have four pillars, namely:

    • Free Trade Agreement
    • Foreign policy, security and development cooperation
    • Internal security
    • Thematic cooperation in education, culture, and investments among others.

    Please see here the resolution.

    The EU has Association Agreements with other countries and regions such as Ukraine, Israel, Turkey or the Central America region. Association Agreements usually create a framework of relations including trade, political cooperation, security, and cultural relations.

    In the next days the EU and the UK are expected to adopt their respective proposals regarding their future relation. The EU position will be decided by the European Council.

    Contact: Daniel Pérez Vega,

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