• Exchange of information

    Active co-operation between the FRUCOM secretariat and FRUCOM national members is crucial to ensure issues are identified early enough to launch, when necessary, co-ordinated actions both at the European and national levels. The FRUCOM secretariat often calls for inputs, data and support from FRUCOM members.

  • Monitoring and Advocacy

    FRUCOM engages in daily monitoring activities and exchange of information with the Directorate Generals (DGs) of the European Commission and keeps regular contact with officials in charge of relevant dossiers in DG AGRI, DG SANTE, DG Trade, DG MARE and DG TAXUD. This permanent link with European Commission officials is very successful in ensuring that the concerns and interests of FRUCOM members are known and heard.

    FRUCOM also works with the relevant members and committees of the European Parliament (Agriculture, Fisheries, International Trade and Environment).

  • Network

    Besides its active link with the EU institutions, the FRUCOM secretariat cooperates with other EU and international sectoral organisations dealing with agricultural and trade matters:  CELCAA, Eurocommerce, FoodDrinkEurope, ESA, PROFEL, Caobisco, AIPCE-CEP, Freshfel, the European Nut Association and Copa-Cogeca. In addition, FRUCOM keeps regular contact with the INC (International Nut Council) on issues regarding dried fruit and nuts.

  • Working groups

    FRUCOM hosts and organises working group meetings yearly on Processed Seafood, Fruit and Vegetables, Dried Fruit & Nuts, Sustainability, and Nutrition and Communication. Commission officials from DG AGRI, DG TRADE, DG MARE, DG SANTE and DG TAXUD, as well as members of the European Parliament or of other relevant organisations, are invited to attend the meetings and share the latest developments related to specific dossiers of interest to the Working Groups’ members.

  • General Assembly

    The FRUCOM General Assembly is held once a year in Brussels and is open to both full and affiliated members. High level officials of the European institutions and of other bodies are usually invited to discuss with our membership the recent developments of main policy issues. The FRUCOM General Assembly provides an excellent opportunity to have a valuable and open exchange of views between FRUCOM members and EU policymakers.