• Mission & Objectives

    FRUCOM represents and defends the interests of trade in Dried Fruit, Edible nuts, Processed fish and Processed fruit & vegetables in Europe and beyond. Through effective communication and proactively engaging with relevant policymakers in the EU institutions, FRUCOM seeks to facilitate the trade of safe and quality products and ensure that its members are fully informed of the legal requirements.

    FRUCOM contributes to the visibility of the sector and to a favourable trading environment, and acts as the central network for members to interact amongst themselves and with wider constituencies.

  • History

    FRUCOM was established as a European trade association on 30 April 1960 in The Hague, Netherlands, by five European national organisations from the Netherlands, Germany (2), Belgium and France, still active members of FRUCOM.

    The founding member organisations shared the need to get the import trade organised at the European level to represent and defend the common interests of the sector in their dealings with the institutions of the European Economic Community (EEC). The first General Assembly of FRUCOM was held in Brussels on 24 October 1960, six months after the launch of the association.

    In March 2008, FRUCOM was officially established as a non-profit making international association (AISBL) under Belgian law. The official statutes were published in the Annex of the Moniteur Belge on 21 May 2008 in accordance with Belgian law.

  • Transparency

    FRUCOM is registered on the Joint EU Commission and Parliament Transparency Register under Registration number 40306802522-39.

  • Products

    FRUCOM stands for FRUits, COnserves (cans), Miel (honey). Today, the association has evolved to representing mainly the trade in Dried Fruit & Nuts, Processed Seafood, and Processed Fruit & Vegetables. Although the focus differs for each product, the main issues that are relevant to FRUCOM work are related to Trade, Food Safety and Customs issues.