FRUCOM final reply to the EU consultation on the Review of the EU school fruit, vegetables and milk scheme

8 AUGUST 2022

FRUCOM's reply to the questionnaire and position paper about the EU consultation on the review of the EU school fruit, vegetables and milk scheme have been submitted to the EU Commission consultation page and directly to the EU officials.

The main points of FRUCOM's position were the following:

  • FRUCOM fully supports the EU school scheme as a tool to promote healthy habits among the younger generations
  • Products should be provided during school meals.
  • Respecting the recommended portions and frequency of consumption, dried fruit and nuts can constitute a healthy and balanced snack for children.
  • Canned fruit and vegetables could be a good opportunity for children to increase the quantity and the variety of the fruit and vegetables in their diet.
  • FRUCOM takes a neutral view on questions pertaining the prohibition of added sugars, salt and fat in the products that children may receive. 

    Download the text of the position paper here: FRUCOM position on the Review of the EU school fruit vegetable and milk scheme

    Download the reply to the questionnaire here: Questionnaire school scheme final

    The FRUCOM team, Anna Boulova,; Martina Zurli,