FRUCOM final reply to the EU consultation on a Sustainable EU food system initiative

8 AUGUST 2022
FRUCOM's reply to the questionnaire and position paper about the EU consultation on a sustainable EU food system initiative have been submitted to the EU Commission consultation page and directly to the EU officials.
The main points of FRUCOM's position were the following: 
  • All definitions used must be clear, logical, and convincing.
  • The methodologies developed or adopted must be both sound, globally inclusive, and transparent.
  • Any sustainability labelling of agri-food products should be voluntary in nature.
  • Full account must be taken of the costs and burden of new policies on sustainable food systems actors.
  • The initiative and its policies must be WTO compatible, coherent with the EU’s own rules and its international commitments, and prioritise cooperation over unilateral measures.
  •  A sensible timeframe and support for implementation and compliance with the new initiative must be put in place.
  •  Nutrition plays a pivotal role in the shift to a sustainable food system.
  • FRUCOM takes a neutral view on questions pertaining to setting food composition targets for sugar, salt, saturated fat, and on restricting marketing of foods high in sugar, salt and saturated fats.
 Download the text of the position paper here: FRUCOM position on a Proposed Sustainable EU food system initiative final
Download the reply to the questionnaire here: Questionnaire sustainability final
The FRUCOM team, Anna Boulova,; Lebo Mofolo,; Martina Zurli,