EU report on the imports of organic agri-food products

6 OCTOBER 2022

DG AGRI published a report on EU organic imports, whose volumes were up by 2.8% in 2021. Total imports of organic agri-food products in the EU have increased from 2.79 million t in 2020 to 2.87 million t in 2021 (+2.8%). Data on imports from the UK are, however, not available for 2020 as it was de facto an EU Member State during the transition period following its departure from the EU on 31 January 2020. Excluding imports from the UK in 2021, EU imports of organic products declined by 1% compared to 2020, to 2.76 million t. A third (945 thousand t) of total EU imports of organic products arrived in the Netherlands (+10.2% vs 2020), and almost 20% (517 thousand t) in Germany (+5.2%). Together, these two EU Member states gathered over half of the EU volume of imported organic products in 2021. Import volumes for the category of tropical fruit, fresh or dried, nuts and spices:2020 (843) and 2021 (903) (thousand t), this is a change of 7.0. For the category of fruit, fresh or dried, excl. citrus & tropical fruit the values were 2020 (132), 2021 (143), meaning a increase of 8.1%.

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