2022 Eurobarometer on Food Safety

6 OCTOBER 2022

EFSA published its 2022 Eurobarometer on Food Safety in the EU.

This Special Eurobarometer, commissioned by EFSA, examines Europeans’ perceptions of and attitudes towards food safety and provides insights in terms of:

  • Europeans’ interest in food safety-related topics and factors affecting food-related decisions;
  • Awareness of and main concerns about food safety topics, as well as attitudes towards healthy diets and food-related risks;
  • Main information channels on food-related risks;
  • Levels of trust in different actors from farm to fork;
  • Awareness of different aspects of the EU food safety system;
  • Behaviour in the area of food safety, using an example of a foodborne disease outbreak.

The cost of food is weighing more heavily on Europeans today than a few years ago, becoming the main factor influencing food purchases, followed by taste. Close to half consider food safety important too and 41% of EU citizens take for granted that the food they buy is safe.

More information: https://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/corporate/pub/eurobarometer22

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