Team updates International Peanut Forum on CODEX and EU legislation

16 APRIL 2018

Last week, Anna Boulova and Romans Vorss participated at the International Peanut Forum.

The International Peanut Forum is a great networking and conference event held every two years. This year, it was held in Athens, Greece. It was an ideal opportunity for Anna and Romans to network with different players in the supply chain, farmers, shellers, exporters, brokers, testing laboratories, and other service suppliers from around the world.

 Romans made a presentation at this conference covering CODEX discussions on possible setting of AFLA maximum levels in ready-to-eat peanuts and EU regulatory requirements for peanuts imported the European Union.

Other presentations covered topics such as Peanut Nutrition Research, Non-GMO Advances in Peanut Breeding, Greek peanut market, Prevention of Food Allergy, Indian and Chinese Peanut Markets, Social Media Marketing, etc.

We would like to thank American Peanut Council very much for organising the event and inviting the team.

Contact: Anna Boulova,; Romans Vorss,

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