EU agri-food trade in 2022 - Fruit & nuts a leading import category in value terms

21 APRIL 2023

The April monitoring report looks back at the year 2022 and shows that EU agri-food trade totalled €401.5 billion during the year, with a positive trade balance of €58 billion. Fruit & nuts as well as coffee, tea, cocoa, and spices remain the 2nd and 3rd top agri-food categories imported into the EU in value terms, which increased significantly vis-à-vis 2021 while volumes remained relatively stable.


In 2022, EU agri-food exports reached €229.8 billion, a 31% increase compared with 2021. Cereals and cereal preparations & milling products have been increasing the most in EU total exports. These products represented 7% and 10% of EU exports, respectively.

In terms of trade partners, the UK still is by far the first destination for EU exports, representing one fifth of total EU exports. The United States ranks second, with 13% of EU exports in 2022 followed by China with 7% of total EU exports.


In 2022, EU imports increased by 32% compared to 2021 in value terms. This represents €172 billion of imports. This is largely due to an increase in global prices, especially for oilseed products and coffee.

Brazil remains the first import source for the EU, representing 12% of total EU imports. The United Kingdom ranks second, with 9% of EU imports in 2022. Ukraine has overtaken the US in 2022 as the third import source of EU agri-food imports.

EU Agri food imports 2022



EU Agri food imports top 15 2022


PRODUCT/PERIOD Exports 2022 Imports 2022 Trade balance 2022
Preparations of fruits, nuts and vegetables 10,496 6,512 3,984
Fruit and Nuts 6,022 22,196 -16,174


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