FRUCOM attends TNA Annual Meeting

14 MAY 2018

On 11th May, FRUCOM President Mr. Thomas Haas-Rickertsen and the secretariat participated in the Annual General Meeting of The Nut Association. The meeting was attended by over 100 delegates. Some NDFTA (the UK Dried Fruit Association) members were also present.



It was an opportunity to update delegates on the state of play and FRUCOM work on issues such as Brexit, possible counterveiling duties on US almonds, blanched peanuts, ochratoxin A and pesticides. On the last two items, Anna Boulova informed about the FRUCOM research project.

Members asked questions mostly on import controls and whether associations can help in speeding up procedures, and on ochratoxin A.

It was also a useful occasion for bilateral exchanges with members.

This follows FRUCOM strategy of communicating more with members either by participating in their events or making more information available on the website.

FRUCOM would like to thank TNA for the invitation.

Contact: Anna Boulova,