EU Parliament Fisheries committee votes in favour of new EU fisheries control rules

30 JUNE 2023

The European Parliament’s PECH Committee voted on 27 June to approve the compromise agreement reached with Council on the future EU fisheries control rules, with 20 votes in favour and 8 against.

This new fisheries control rules aim to reduce illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, by ensuring improved monitoring fisheries activities and the traceability of fish products.

“According to the agreed text, information on fresh and frozen fish will be fully accessible, including digitally, to safeguard food safety and consumer interests. This system of digitalised traceability will also be extended to cover processed fish in five years.” So said the Parliament in its press statement following the agreement on a joint text with the Council at the end of May.

The text will have to be voted during one of the Parliament’s plenary sessions in Strasbourg after the summer recess.

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Text agreed during interinstitutional negotiations

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