Vit färsksaltad Östgötagurka – preserved Swedish gherkins application for registration of a PGI

10 AUGUST 2023

On 1 August 2023 an application was published in the Official Journal of the European Union for a PGI for ’Vit färsksaltad Östgötagurka' from Sweden. The application states that the defined geographical area is the province of Östergötland.

According to the application, ’Vit färsksaltad Östgötagurka' is a greenhouse-grown white gherkin pickled in brine and spices. The following ingredients are used: Salt (NaCl), spices, dill, preservatives (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate) and citric acid. With the exception of the mandatory addition of dill, the composition of the spices may vary. The ratio of salt to water for the brine is traditionally determined by the producers.

As a result of its relatively hard skin and small core, 'Vit färsksaltad Östgötagurka' is much crunchier than fresh-salted gherkins made from green gherkins. The firm and crunchy consistency of 'Vit färsksaltad Östgötagurka' gives it a pleasant firmness to the bite. In 'Vit färsksaltad Östgötagurka', the white gherkin’s inherent sweetness is balanced by a pronounced saltiness. The aroma is complex, with notes of soil, fresh pea shoots and distilled alcohol.

’Vit färsksaltad Östgötagurka' is a very typical speciality of Östergötland. In Östergötland, pickled gherkins are traditionally white and prepared in brine, while in the rest of Sweden people have preferred green gherkins pickled in a solution of vinegar, sugar and salt.

This publication confers the right to oppose the application pursuant to Article 51 of Regulation (EU) No 1151/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council within three months from the date of the publication.

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