DG SANTE Presentation of the Legislative framework for sustainable food systems

11 AUGUST 2023

DG SANTE presented the state of play of the Legislative framework for sustainable food systems at the ad hoc meeting of the Advisory Group on Sustainability of Food Systems (AGSFS) which took place on 12 July. During the meeting, chaired by Alexandra Nikolakopoulou, Head of Unit of SANTE.E.1, members of the AGSFS were able to have an exchange with DG SANTE and already provide some preliminary thoughts on the proposal.

The Commission services that will co-lead the proposal are DGs SANTE, AGRI, ENV and MARE, and according to the presentation, the impact Assessment is being finalised. As expected, adoption of the proposal is planned for Q3 2023.

There are three overarching objectives of the FSFS, namely:

1. Strengthening the coherence of EU food system law, by mainstreaming a harmonised approach to sustainability in all food-system policies.

2. Facilitating sustainable choices by food system actors and establish a favourable and transparent food environment.

3. Incentivising food related operations to become increasingly sustainable.

In terms of the sustainability labelling framework which will be part of the FSFS, the Commission wants the legislation to “Govern the provision of sustainability-related information to consumers on foods to empower consumers to make sustainable food choices and to incentivize food business operators to improve progressively the sustainability of their food products.”

Specific details on how the FSFS legislation will apply were not provided in the presentation from this meeting, and it is foreseen that implementing legislation will be needed to elaborate all the obligations for member states and operators. The Commission is however seeking feedback from the AGSFS as to the broader definitions and scope of the FSFS.

More information: https://food.ec.europa.eu/system/files/2023-07/adv-grp_ad-hoc_20230712_pres-01.pdf

Contact: Lebo Mofolo, lmofolo@frucom.eu