Contaminants: The Netherlands' mineral oil action limits

25 OCTOBER 2023
Following the EU Member State Joint Statement on MOAH in food products, the Netherlands Food and Safety Authority (NVWA) will be conducting monitoring of MOAH in various food products. When MOAH is detected in food products, the NVWA will act according to the Temporary enforcement policy, which will come into effect on 1 January 2024. Subsequently, periodic assessments will be made to determine if the enforcement policy needs to be adjusted based on available information regarding the toxicity of MOAH, developments in analytical methods, or other MOAH-related factors.
The Netherlands action limits (mg/kg) the EU statement on MOAH in foodstuffs:
Dry foods with a low fat/oil content (≤4% fat/oil) 0.5
Foods with a higher fat/oil content (>4% fat/oil, ≤50% fat/oil) 1.0
Fats/Oils or foodstuffs with >50% fat/oil content 2.0
If a MOAH content does not meet the action limit when tested, the NVWA will deviate from the standard intervention policy and only enforce the action to recall the product, but will not impose an administrative measure (written warning or administrative fine) on the company for the non-compliant product. This is because there are no legal maximum levels for MOAH in foodstuffs yet and enforcement is based on an EU Statement and EFSA advice.