FRUCOM General Assembly on 10-11 April 2018

3 APRIL 2018

Full members of FRUCOM are invited to the joint FRUCOM Board and General Assembly meetings on Tuesday 10 April.

All members will convene in the evening for the Annual FRUCOM Dinner.

An Open Discussion for all members and stakeholders will be organised on Wednesday 11 April.

Click here to see the the joint FRUCOM Board and General Assembly meetings programme.


11 APRIL 2018

Open discussion

- All members welcome -
9:30 - 10:30

Report on the Board and General Assembly

·Brief summary of the work done

·Information to members regarding the meeting of 10th April: FRUCOM priorities, budget 2018.

·Can research help meet food safety challenges? experience of FRESHFEL, EU Fresh Produce Association dealing with EU funded programmes: do’s, don’ts and outcome, Ms. Helene Deruwe, Policy Advisor Agriculture, Research and Innovation

10:30 - 10:45 Coffee Break
10:45 - 13:00 Panel Discussions with invited speakers

- All members welcome -
EU food safety, consumer protection and trade policy priorities of the European Union
Consumer protection or protectionism?

10.45 Address by the President Mr. Thomas Haas-Rickertsen and welcome to speakers

11.00-12.45 Discussion on food safety, consumer protection and trade policy priorities of the European Union as identified by the speakers and of relevance for our sectors. Challenges and achievements. Outlook for the future

Exporters’ perspective – Mr. Nejat Almis, Pagmat, Board member of Aegean Exporters’ Association, Turkey

Third country government perspective:

Ms. Nicola Hinder, Minister-Counsellor, Agriculture and Water Resources, Australian Mission to the European Union 

Ms. Lisa Allen, Agricultural Attaché USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, US Mission to the EU

EU importers:

Mr. Joost Penning, Catz International, President of NZV – the Dutch Association of Trade in Dried Fruit, Nuts, Spices and related products 

Mr. Olivier Hottlet, Hottlet Frozen Foods, President of Belgafood

Conclusion by Mr. Michael Scannell, Director Stakeholders and International Relations, DG SANTE - Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection, European Commission

12.45 Questions and answers

13.00 Lunch