Sustainability, food labelling, healthy lifestyle promotion: Conference on the Future of Europe

19 JANUARY 2022
On 7-9 January, the Panel “Climate change, environment / Health” had a meeting in Warsaw, Poland. Citizens panels are components of the Conference on the Future of Europe, that gives European citizens the opportunity to debate on Europe’s priorities and put forward their proposals. The Conference is placed under the authority of the three institutions, represented by the President of the European Parliament, the President of the Council and the President of the European Commission, acting as its Joint Presidency. An Executive Board, co-chaired by the three institutions, reports on a regular basis to the Joint Presidency.
Among the recommendations adopted by the Panel are sustainable agriculture and farming (i.e., chemical pesticides and fertilizers reduction, subsidies for organic farming, vertical farming), environmentally-safe packaging, taxing unhealthy food and investing into healthy food, nutrition and healthy lifestyles promotion, improvement of food information to consumers (e.g., graded unified labelling system for the ecological footprint of products, nutrition score).
The original document can be found here: P3S3_voted_recommendations_FINAL_v 2022