Farm to Fork: new possible rules for micro-organisms used in plant protection products

17 FEBRUARY 2022

On 10.02.2022 the Member States endorsed four legal acts which will simplify the process of approval and authorisation of biological plant protection products which contain micro-organisms. The objective is to provide farmers with tools to substitute chemical plant protection products. Micro-organisms are bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa. This is seen as sustainable solutions to protect crops and it is in line with the Farm to Fork Strategy and the Green Deal aim at reducing dependency on and use of chemical plant protection products.

However, before micro-organisms are allowed to be used, it must be verified that their use is safe and has no negative consequences for human and animal health or impact on other non-target organisms.

The acts will now be scrutinised by the European Parliament and the Council. If no objection, they will be adopted and be applicable in Q4 2022.

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