Launch of a roundtable on sustainability

8 APRIL 2022

FRUCOM has contacted several food and drink associations to invite them to jointly set up an informal exchange platform on sustainability.

Participating organisations at the moment: Freshfel, Profel (processed fruit and vegetables industry), EU Snack Association, Fefac (feed compounders). Discussion is ongoing with Copa-Cogeca and FoodDrinkEurope. The participants have identified some other associations to be invited.

Priorities mentioned by participants:

·Issues stemming from the Green/ Deal F2F generally

·Food loss and waste




·Carbon, water footprint

·Due diligence

Terms of reference for the sustainability agri-food chain roundtable

Objective: To act as an informal platform for agri-food chain partners to discuss and share on issues relating to sustainability.

  1. Priority is given to an exchange on information, views, concerns and positions, on preparatory legal acts and the implementation of legislation pertaining to sustainability by each member, to learn from experience and avoid duplicating resource
  2. Only when relevant and if requested by members, seeking to identify/extract common concerns and solutions based on members’ contributions and already established positions, with a view to establishing a joint position and lobbying actions, if considered appropriate.
  3. To reach out to experts/legislators/retail collectively, when relevant


The round table brings together agri-food chain industry associations whose activities are impacted by the European legislative framework related to sustainability. While the primary aim is to ensure a common understanding of key developments, the Roundtable will also develop joint communications on related issues when there is a clear common interest within the group.

Contact: Anna Boulova,