FRUCOM visit to Raisins SA

3 MAY 2022

On 13 April, FRUCOM’s Lebo Mofolo (trade and sustainability advisor), undertook a day visit to the facilities of Raisins SA in Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa. Raisins in South Africa are primarily grown in the Northern Cape region, along the Orange River valley of which compromises 90% and the Olifants river 10% in the Western Cape. The climate and location mean that the raisins are naturally sun dried and irrigated using water from the river.

The first visit involved a tour of Carpe Diem Raisins, a member of Raisins SA. At Carpe Diem’s raisin factory, all the production processes for raisins, from post-harvest handling to final packaging, labelling and distribution, were discussed and demonstrated.

Carpe Diem farms are a leading producer of organic grapes in South Africa, and supply FRUCOM members. The tour of the organic farms was given by Gog Van der Colff.

An exchange between FRUCOM and Raisins SA management was also held, looking at the current challenges and opportunities of the raisins industry in South Africa.

FRUCOM would like to thank Raisins SA for the discussion and hospitality.


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