• Secretariat

    The day-to-day management of the FRUCOM office is delegated to the Secretary General, who is supported by a team of policy advisers and communication.

    The General Assembly, gathering FRUCOM full and affiliated members, takes place once a year.

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  • Working Groups

    • Working Group Processed Seafood and Fruit & Vegetables
    • Working Group Dried Fruit & Nuts


  • Steering Committee

    The FRUCOM Steering Committee is a group of 5 FRUCOM board members, composed of the Chairman and the two Vice-Chairmen along with three other board members, to whom the board delegates day-to-day management and the preparation of the discussions to be hold in the FRUCOM board and General Assembly.

  • Board of Directors

    The FRUCOM Board has full competencies in terms of management and administration, subject to the powers of the General Assembly.
    Only representatives of FRUCOM full members are represented at the Board. The term of office of Board members is two years. Every two years, the Board elects a President, two Vice-Presidents and a Treasurer.